We get emotional.

Lasting relationships start with a deep-rooted sense of belonging. In commerce and in real life.

We understand the challenges of reaching audiences on an emotional level, and we also know that great marketing requires brands to find new ways to connect.

The world has changed radically in the past decade, and it’s harder than ever to form bonds that last. But while a lot has changed, the important things remain the same.

Being true. Earning trust. Showing passion.

These values still speak to the consumer’s heart.

At Britton Marketing & Design Group, we rely on equal parts thinking and feeling to make lasting connections between people and brands.

As a small agency with a big heart, we’re here to help you wear yours on your sleeve.

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The Changing

Marketing used to be pretty straightforward. Brands created beautiful print ads, iconic logos, and clever television campaigns, and the rest took care of itself. But now everything has changed. Nothing works the way it used to. Celebrated brands are struggling. Many have gone out of business.

So we decided to figure out why.

We discovered three fundamental changes in the marketing landscape:


Audience Fragmentation

What we used to think of as “the audience” now consists of many smaller audiences, each with its own wants and needs.


Media Fragmentation

Television and print have exploded into an infinite universe of digital and social media platforms.


Amplification of the Consumers’ Voice

Brands are now expected to engage in a dialogue with their consumers. And consumers have countless new tools to share their thoughts, and they know how to use them.

We strive to bring peace to the central conflict presented by this new landscape. Brands want to grow, but they can’t reach every audience with the same message using the same channels. Brands now must meet consumers on their terms, matching the brand’s offering to the consumers’ needs. Our strategic approach prioritizes the audiences that present the biggest opportunity for growth, and then we work with you to create messaging that speaks to these audiences in a way that ensures you will be heard. This synthesis is our shining truth.

Let us help shape your brand, and your brand’s creative, around the opportunities presented by this new world.

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Marketing to Women

More than 85 percent of consumer purchases in the United States are made by women. Nearly all of them are made with women in mind.

Women know how to stick together. We congregate, help each other out, talk. Women know the brands that get who we are and those that don’t; the products that work and the ones that fall short. Now more than ever, lifestyle brands have to make a meaningful connection.

This means meeting women face-to-face, offering to help. It means starting a conversation. A woman’s favorite brands don’t tell her what to do.

At Britton Marketing & Design, we know women. A lot of us are women. And we know that the choices—and the bonds—women make have immeasurable power.

They show her options and give her ideas.

The brands a woman rallies behind must understand what inspires her, what motivates her to connect. Women want only what’s best for themselves and for the ones they love. They want a better world. We’re an agency that can envision this world. Better yet, we’re an agency that’s offering to help women build it.

Building Lifestyle Brands

At the heart of every brand is something special that sets it apart, and we’re all about celebrating that difference. We help our clients take a holistic approach across all platforms so their brand emits a light and warmth that draws people in.

Marketing for lifestyle brands is about reaching people in the places where they live. It’s about learning to speak their languages—both verbal and visual—and allowing them an equal part in a two-way conversation.

It’s about allowing the soul of a brand to permeate its merchandising, online content, social presence, product offerings, services, stories, and beyond. Traditional and digital marketing work in tandem to keep the light burning and invite consumers home.

A lifestyle brand doesn’t resonate with just anyone. By targeting the right people at the right time with the right message, we ensure that a brand’s purpose and personality are heard and understood.

It’s exciting.
It’s romantic.
It’s what we do.

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Emotional Connection & How It Influences Business

What Moves You?

This is the question every brand is asking about its consumers. It’s also the question every consumer is asking of every brand: What values animate your company? What emotions motivate your products? Recognizing that marketing is all about engaging in this two-way conversation is central to succeeding in today’s marketing landscape.

Our strategic approach relies on innovative thinking and a true understanding of what drives people to engage with new brands—or to engage in a new way with brands they’ve known for ages. At Britton Marketing & Design Group, we understand. Here, we get emotional.

We feel strongly about the work we do and the people for whom it’s intended. And we know that emotional connections are strong. They won’t break easily. Forging these bonds with your audience empowers each member to act as an ambassador for your brand, further strengthening the


We can help you identify, captivate, and activate the audiences you’re trying to reach. A large part of this process involves the simple act of listening.

And once we have a better idea of where your audiences are coming from, we can help you move them—move them emotionally and, most importantly, move them toward your brand.

So let’s get moving.

Audience Targeting

To us, finding a target audience isn’t just placing people in boxes based on generic demographic assumptions. Instead, it’s accepting that audiences are no longer monolithic. They’re mercurial. Ever-changing. But the important thing is, they’re there. And their many aspirations and appetites present a wealth of opportunities. So, how can we help a brand become just the thing that just the right people are searching for?

By combining primary data with our expertise and experience, we are able to help brands go to market with fewer assumptions and more confidence.

All it takes is a deeper understanding of what consumers want and need, and a tailored marketing effort that is both relevant to those desires and resonant with the people expressing them. By this refined approach, we’re able to offer evocative creative and effective strategic solutions across a multitude of channels that will build emotional connections and drive business performance.


We listen.
We learn.

Then we build something great together.

What Else We Do

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  • Brand Development & Positioning
  • Branded Content Creation
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  • Retail Marketing
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  • Strategic Planning

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