marketing home goods

what moves you? this is the question every home goods brand is asking of its consumers. it’s also the question every consumer is asking of every home goods brand—what values animate your company? what emotions motivate your products?

Marketing home goods to the New American Middle is all about marrying the values of a brand and its consumers. Through our work with brands such as Arhaus, Pyrex, Hunter Douglas, and Sherwin-Williams, we’ve found that the best way to build that relationship is through storytelling. We tell the kind of stories that go beyond the billboard, the brick-and-mortar store, or the photo shoot. These stories go right into consumers’ homes, and then follow them to the gym, the coffee shop, the office, and back home again.

To help our home goods clients create meaningful brand stories, we use BMDG’s complete range of skills and capabilities, from identifying unique points of difference to the development of a brand identity to prioritizing the audiences that present the biggest opportunity for growth to imaginative photo and art direction.

This kind of brand storytelling takes a deeper understanding of what consumers want and need. And to find the answers to those questions, you can’t just place consumers in boxes based on generic demographic assumptions. Instead, it’s about accepting that audiences are no longer monolithic. They’re mercurial. Ever-changing. But the important thing is, they’re there. And their many aspirations and appetites present a wealth of opportunities.

By combining our understanding of the New American Middle, and our artistic expertise and experience, we are able to help home goods brands reach new audiences, and then tell them a story that resonates deep in their bones.

things we do well

  • brand development
  • brand expression
  • photo and video production
  • audience targeting
  • package design

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