the middle of nowhere?
the center of everything.


anderson tuftex

Elevating Livable Luxury Through Photo and Video Production and Catalog Design

Influencer and Clark + Kensington Paint Cans on two vertical images


pratt & lambert

Audience Segmentation and Synthesis Sets the Stage for a Colorful Brand Evolution

laydown of fabric and scissors



Using Data and Our Brand Values ID Process to Empower an Evolving Brand

Arhaus sofa in the middle of a field



Using Strategy and Storytelling to Bring Arhaus to Your Home


vera bradley

Guiding the Growth of a Beloved Lifestyle Brand

Pyrex Pie Plate on Table



Giving a Household Name a Content Makeover

Man in Convertible Car on Beach Wearing Peter Millar Clothing


peter millar

Transforming a Menswear Company into a National Brand


dutch boy

Refreshing the In-Store Experience for the DIY Generation

Graphic chart showing connection points

our landscape expertise

introducing the new american middle

Through our own research, and our work with brands such as Arhaus, Pyrex, Sherwin-Williams, Vera Bradley, and many others that market to the New American Middle, we’ve discovered some essential truths about this large and valuable audience.

Girl walking on beach with patterned backpack from Vera Bradley

our consumer expertise

marketing to women

Women know how to stick together. We congregate, help each other out, talk. Women know the brands that get who we are and those that don’t; the products that work and the ones that fall short.

two people wearing large white winter jackets


how canada goose climbed to the peak of winter gear

The Creators of the Iconic Canadian Parkas Use Pro-Level Quality, a Sense of Place, and Retail Innovation to Stay Ahead of the Pack.

lake michigan sunset with a few boats


the new american middle: redefining middle america

Over the last 10 years, a new consumer group has emerged. Empowered by access to unprecedented amounts of data and knowledge through social media and their support networks, this group has become an influential economic force from their place in the middle of it all.

overhead image of pots and cups with mint


simple lessons from a kitchen classic

Le Creuset, Creator of the Iconic Dutch Oven, Offers Insights Into Developing a Cult-Like Following