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at britton marketing & design group, we rely on equal parts thinking and feeling to build brands that serve people like us: community-minded consumers who shop based on values deeper and more complex than just a price tag. our guiding principles

how we work

at britton marketing & design group, we rely on equal parts thinking and feeling to build brands that serve people like us: community-minded consumers who shop based on values deeper and more complex than just a price tag.


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brand development
We know how to capture a brand’s essence. We also know how to take that essence and build a solid go-to-market strategy around it. Our team has spent a decade developing an approach that identifies unique points of difference, sequences a brand’s DNA, and helps position brands to take advantage of growth opportunities in an ever-changing business landscape.
brand expression

Creative without strategy is just an art project. At BMDG, we approach both visual creative and written content as the holistic expression of a brand’s unique story, and we tell that story in a way that will create a lasting emotional connection with consumers. By focusing on the nuances in our art direction and graphic design, we provide a look and feel that becomes a point of difference, lifting brands to a whole new level.

photo and video production
Photo shoots are all about organization and efficiency. From detailed pre-shoot planning to on-set video shoots to capture collateral to color correction and retouching, the BMDG team knows how to get the most out of each day, on and off the set.
visual identity
A brand’s visual identity—it’s mark, logo, and typography—must be both memorable and consistent with the brand’s essence. The BMDG team is expert at balancing those two needs, as well as creating style guides to make sure that a brand’s public face is expressed consistently across all platforms.
strategic planning
BMDG’s strategic approach prioritizes the audiences that present the biggest opportunity for growth. We work with brands to create messaging that speaks to these audiences in a way that ensures the brand is heard. This synthesis is the shining truth.
audience targeting
Audiences are no longer monolithic. They’re mercurial, ever-changing. By combining primary data with our expertise and experience, we are able to help brands go to market with fewer assumptions and more confidence.
in-store collateral and merchandising
Sign architecture and display design are key to moving product at the store level. From big box stores to boutiques, BMDG will harmonize your brand expression needs and your sales goals, and we will work with the right construction partners to make it happen on time.
email marketing
BMDG designs visually stunning user interfaces, and then we utilize our strategic drive-period planning methods to make sure every email campaign drives both sales and engagement.
digital strategy
BMDG drives digital engagement by marrying comprehensive social and paid-media strategies with world-class creative and content. We also manage, monitor, and optimize all campaigns, and we provide honest reporting and transparent attribution to track performance.
web design
With the user’s wants and needs in mind, the team at BMDG creates experiences that build brand affinity, and positive impressions, while also focusing on ease of use, conversions, and strong calls to action.
package design
From complex constructions for paper and gift collections to product packaging and versioning for big-box brands, the design team at BMDG is adept at more than just color and die-line work—we transform packaging into a brand experience.

our expertise in home goods

Marketing for home goods brands is about reaching people in the place where they spend most of their life: at home. It’s about learning to speak their languages—both verbal and visual—and allowing them an equal voice in a two-way conversation about the objects they choose to bring into their home. It’s about injecting the soul of a brand into its merchandising, online content, social presence, product offerings, services, stories, and beyond.

At the heart of every home goods brand is something special that sets it apart, and at BMDG we’re all about celebrating that difference. We help our clients take a holistic approach across all platforms so their brand emits a light and warmth that draws people home.

how we market home goods

Arhaus Image of Dining Room

our expertise in fashion

Successful fashion brands unite people. They help us recognize a kindred spirit from across the street, at the next table, or through an image shared on social media. They allow us to express ourselves more fully, to live more honestly, and to move through the world with sincerity. And with just one glance, we know when we’ve found someone who shares our values.

This is the philosophy that BMDG brought to our very first client, Vera Bradley. The world has changed radically since then, and now it’s harder than ever to form bonds that last. But while a lot has changed, the important things remain the same. Being true. Earning trust. Showing passion.

These values still speak to the consumer’s heart.

how we market fashion

Female Splashing in Water with Vera Bradley Scarf