Images of the Outdoors

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Patagonia and the Marketability of Antimaterialism

Patagonia Has Built Its Success on Encouraging Customers to Think, Not Buy

Closeup Image of Driver layered on Image of the street

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Uber Versus Lyft: The Battle for Ride-Sharing Brand Superiority

Politics, Branding, and Self-Driving Cars Will Decide the Struggle Between Uber and Lyft

Prints of Whiskey in glass on Wall

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Three Male-Centric Industries That Are Embracing Female Consumers and Making More Money Than Ever

Cigars, Bourbon, and Cars: How Companies Like Jim Beam Are Capitalizing on the Shifting Interests of Women

Guy looking out with bag and camera

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The North Face Does an About-face

A Look at the Unique Relationship Between America’s Favorite Cold-Weather Brand and Its Nonmountaineering Customer

Hand Holding Bubbles

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From Beauty Bar to Marketing Powerhouse

A Look Back at Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”

Runway Image of Women in Pink and Gray Pastel Dresses

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The Authentic Model Movement

Brands Are Looking for Relatable Models That Are a Better Reflection of Their Diverse Customer Base

Fashion Female on Mobile Device

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Clicks and Mortar

How Gucci Combined Digital and In-store to Become One of the Strongest Fashion Houses Standing

Vera Bradley Model Looking Up

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How to Talk to Women (Through Marketing)

Why Understanding Female-Focused Consumer Marketing Is Now More Important Than Ever

Arhaus Folding Chair Beauty Shot with Foliage Backdrop

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Airbnb Crafts the Ultimate Brand Experience

Playing the Hospitable Host to Several Audiences

Retail Store Clothes Rack

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What Happened to Some of Our Favorite Brands?

From Brand Autopsy to Resuscitation: How to Save a Dying Brand

Overhead Image of People Walking on Striped Street

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Amazon’s Bezos Makes Big Retail Gamble

With Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos Is Hoping to Cash in on a Future He Has Helped Shape

Layered Neutral Fabrics

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Rebranding Carhartt

The Iconic American Workwear Brand Expands Its Reach by Challenging Traditional Notions of Work

Peter Millar Underwater Image of Swim Trunks

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Why Choose Britton Marketing & Design Group for Building Your Lifestyle Brand?

Seven Things We Do to Help Lifestyle Brands Shine

Repeated Graphic Diamonds

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Missing the (Marketed) Target on Purpose

These Brands Demonstrate How Changing Your Advertising Message Can Lead to a Whole New World of Consumer Interest

Retail Store Interior Beauty Shot

branding, lifestyle, marketing, marketing to women

Reinventing Retail for the 21st Century

In Search of a New Shopping Experience

Laydown of Magazine Spread and Sunglasses

advertising, branding, lifestyle, marketing, marketing to women

The Power of Female Creative Directors

Female Creative Directors Understand the $7 Billion Buying Power of Women

Laydown of Illustrated Cover with Flowers Sprinkled Around

branding, lifestyle, marketing to women

Anthropologie & Co.: The Expansion of Shabby Chic

Can the Ever-Popular Women’s Retailer Prove That In-Store Is Still in Vogue?

Green Plant

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture: Green Design Before Its Time

“The Building Grows out of the Landscape as Naturally as Any Plant; Its Relationship to the Site Is So Unique That It Would Be out of Place Elsewhere.” —Frank Lloyd Wright