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When we first began working with Vera Bradley, the brand had earned a loyal following, but it needed to remain nimble, as the pace of e-commerce continued to accelerate, and the reality of audience fragmentation became undeniable. The brand had begun as a stylish solution to boring luggage and handbags, so it was against Vera Bradley’s nature to become stagnant in its marketing efforts, so our challenge was to keep Vera Bradley fresh while remaining true to its brand.

Vera Bradley Catalog Interior Spreads
Vera Bradley Covers

BMDG has been working with Vera Bradley since the 1990s, when Susan Britton, our co-owner and CCO, served as Vera Bradley’s executive design director. The team at BMDG continued to help grow this local company into a beloved national brand with season after season of emotionally resonant imagery, a distinct “girl’s best friend” tone of voice, engaging storytelling, and solid strategy.

Vera Bradley Image of Woman with a Scarf in the Ocean

For more than a decade, BMDG touched nearly every aspect of Vera Bradley’s marketing and advertising—from foundational development of its brand DNA, mission, and purpose statements to market positioning; from development of product stories and seasonal campaigns to fresh, exuberant creative content for print and digital; from ads and billboards to emails and social media—and everything in between. The steady influx of work, and the rapidly growing love for the brand, required us to work at a fast pace, be inventive on the fly, and keep up our creative energy as we collaborated with Vera Bradley’s internal team year after year.

Vera Bradley Interior Spread
Vera Bradley Image with Backpack
Vera Bradley Store Interior with Marketing
Vera Bradley Image with Crossbody Purse

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