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Ace Hardware came to BMDG with a challenge: the brand needed to find a way to get its Clark + Kensington paint in front of the all-important DIY audience. Our expertise in the paint category, as well as our experience working with the design and DIY community, told us that deploying a social media influencer campaign was the solution that Ace Hardware was looking for.

Mobile Devices Showing Influencer Content from Ace Hardware Partners
Influencer "Almost Makes Perfect" Molly Madfis and Clark + Kensington Paint Cans
Child in Newly Painted and Renovated Playhouse Looking Out

Working collaboratively with the Ace Hardware team, we developed an influencer strategy and identified the design influencers best positioned to help the brand achieve its goal. From there, BMDG took care of all the contract negotiations, as well as the day-to-day campaign management, and the tracking, and the eventual reporting, of the campaign’s performance. This full-service approach allowed Ace Hardware to focus on its macro brand strategy, while we pushed the boundaries of the day-to-day tactical schedule.

Computers showing website screens for Ace Hardware influencer partners

Our six influencer partners created 50 pieces of branded content, all of which were thematically focused on vibrant colors, inspiration, and empowerment through education. In order to promote Ace Hardware’s retail locations to the DIY audience, our influencers created store walkthroughs with Instagram Stories that showcased not only the great customer service and ExtraMile Promise of the local Ace Hardware staff, but also the wide selection of in-store paint options.

Person taping stool before finishing paint project
Clark + Kensington Paint Can and Color Swatches


-4.79% engagement rate
-more than 56,000 fan engagements
-over 2.6 million users reached

Playhouse before and after paint project images


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