our guiding principles

embracing the new american middle and loving it for what it really is: the center


What we once referred to as Middle America has morphed into a more complex, more diverse, and more fractured group of consumers.

They represent a massive, and thus influential, audience for virtually every brand. At BMDG, we refer to this group of consumers as the New American Middle, and we know how they think, what they feel, and what they aspire to. We put them at the center of everything we do, always seeking to provide them with valuable experiences that are relevant to their lives.

It’s a shift in perspective from most marketers, who are talking to these groups from far away—if they are talking to them at all—instead of face-to-face, defining them not by what they are but by what they are not. At BMDG, we’re much more interested in what this New American Middle is: the center of your business, and the core of our work.

making aspirational inspirational


We fully embrace the logic that people want something they can aspire to. But somewhere down the line, the meaning of the word aspirational changed from “what you want” to “what you should want.” Part of our commitment to meeting the needs of the New American Middle is developing a more nuanced understanding of what these groups of people aspire to, what leaves them feeling proud and fulfilled.

The brands we partner with understand this and deliver it for their customers. They don’t dangle perfect Instagram lives in front of them. They make their customers happy, not frustrated. Aspirational, yes. Undesirable or unattainable, no (thank you).

authenticity, civility, and humility rule


Working with or in the “agency” business can often be a harrowing experience, with egos and self-centeredness casting a cloud over the work environment. Simply put, we don’t have time for any of that nonsense. Here at BMDG, we’ve consciously, and conscientiously, worked to develop our team and our methods based on the principles of commitment, introspection, and humility. These values are our secret sauce, allowing us to truly understand the New American Middle and speak to them from a place of authenticity.