Generational rock stars, millennials (or Generation Y)—prime marketing demographic darlings for more than a decade now—are looking more like a grizzled Steven Tyler and less like a budding Nick Jonas, what with the emergence of Gen Z.

The Gen Zers—or “centennials” or “homelanders” or “founders” or whatever moniker you want to go for, apparently—are the most computer-savvy generation yet, and these tweens, who take to technology more quickly and naturally than Neo being programmed to learn a new skill, are out to rule the world, leaving nothing but dumbfounded millennials in their wake.

“I thought we were the generation everyone was interested in, sheesh!” said a dumbfounded (or perhaps she was merely dismayed or baffled) Michelle Ochoa, a Britton Marketing & Design Group copywriter. “It seems like the party just started, and now we have to go home?!”

Agency Life attempted to get a quote from a centennial, but the effort was for naught. This is because (1) most Gen Zers speak in an arcane language combination made up predominantly of social media and video-game terms, and (2) the writer of Agency Life is a Gen Xer, like a really, really old Xer, and this turns what is normally a communication gap into a communication chasm.

Ochoa shouldn’t be all that shocked. After all, it happens to the best of generations. The traditionalists (or Silent Generation—rumor has it that their parents wouldn’t let them talk) were eclipsed by the baby boomers (who were darlings for years), who ceded power to Generation X (wait a minute—Generation X was never in charge of anything), who then surrendered to Generation Y (they make up the majority of the highly coveted 18–49 demographic, which is fantastic news for Stranger Things).

“I guess, when I think about it, it makes sense that we won’t be the stars for much longer,” said a befuddled (or possibly simply confused) Ochoa said. “Just look at our generation—the oldest members are nearly forty!”

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