Cheers to 15 Years!

March 16, 2021

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BMDG is celebrating a decade and a half of exciting work, annual opportunities to have some festive fun, and all the friendships we’ve made along the way.

At Britton Marketing & Design Group, celebrations are something of a specialty. We cheer for our team members (whether human or canine) with equal gusto, welcome wintry weather with weekly comfort-food carry-ins, and look forward to our annual Halloween and Christmas parties all year round. Is it your birthday? Here’s a hoopla. Got upcoming nuptuals? Get ready for some gifts. Need an excuse to celebrate some obscure holiday? Time to prep for a party.

So of course we had no choice but to commemorate the past 15 years with a little virtual celebration. And you’re all cordially invited.

Take a trip back in time with us as we share our 15 favorite memories from the past 15 years in business.

From the very beginning …

“Opening the office for the first time in the sleet and rain. It was Lori, Jeff, Sue, and me. It was such a miserable day but we were all excited about working together and seeing what would happen.”
—Meghan Britton-Gross, VP Client Strategy & Brand Development

“I remember, in the old building, Jeff would get on the speakerphone and make odd announcements.” 
—Jan Halter, Chief Financial Officer

“I have had so many fun and out of the ordinary experiences at Britton. Some of those being when I’ve been able to help out as “talent” on shoots. We have to keep costs in check sometimes, and I have really enjoyed jumping in as hand talent on paint shoots, decorating cakes and cupcakes (which is something I love to do as a hobby), and even demonstrating how to use baby products in how-to videos! A nice manicure is one of the perks of the job.:blush:  My son has even gotten in on the action. We have amazing clients and it’s been such a joy to work alongside such talented people here at Britton.”
—Melissa Hoch, Traffic Manager

“The Vera Bradley Cookbook, one of our first large projects in 2006 was so much work but so much fun to work on, and we created an amazing book.”
—Lori Britton, Administrative/HR Director

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and through all the years of getting to do what we love.

“I would say my favorite Britton memory is sort of a mashup of memories, really. Having the opportunity to participate in such a wide variety of different kinds of photo shoots, whether I was art directing or styling or even taking photos myself has truly brought me so much joy. I love watching our visions come to life in collaboration with our clients and crews, and I’ve met so many wonderful people this way. In particular, we did a photoshoot in NYC for our client Anderson Tuftex in 2019, and it was a whirlwind shoot but one of the best times of my professional life. I can’t wait for the next one!”
—Molly Stronczek, Associate Creative Director

“While we certainly love all of the photo shoots that happen here, my favorite shoots are those that we’re able to work pets into! From superstar trained pups to the kitties that were very new to the spotlight (let’s be honest—cats do whatever they want anyway), the furry friends made along the way have made so many shoots (and the finished projects!) extra special. And the thrill of seeing our work come to life in-store never gets old!”
—Amy Reff, Creative Director

“In the last seven years, one of my favorite memories is from 2016, when we won Best of Show at the Fort Wayne Addys for our work on the Dutch Boy Menards campaign. The project took long hours, hard work, and dedication, and it was wonderful to see both the results for our client and the win for ourselves.”
—Amanda Treharn, Senior Production Artist

On the road …

“Looking back on countless three-hour trips to Cleveland—specifically one where we ran over a ladder in a minivan rental! And Danielle and I had a great time in NYC for the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Chelsea store window display installation.”
—Amy Patton, Director of Account Services

“From carpet manufacturing to paint chip production to printing facilities, we love a good plant tour to understand the ins and outs of our clients’ industries! Bonus points for the stylish safety gear.”
—Amy Reff

“Loved shooting clients like Vera Bradley or Peter Millar in beautiful places, like the Florida Keys or the LA Botanical Gardens, with our favorite photographers, Tom Galliher and Dominick Guillemot, along with our favorite crew; Barb, Sabra , Tammy, Monica, Sarah, Danelle, Eddie, Louise and so many more!!”
—Sue Britton, Chief Creative Officer

“I always enjoy attending conferences and trade shows. As a designer, it’s important to stay informed on future trends and to translate that information into our current work. Some of my fondest memories are from CMG, where we were able to explore color through workshops and presentations. It’s inspiring to see how the world transforms color to touch every sense.”
—Danielle Hartmann, Senior Art Director

… and happy at home.

“Allowing dogs in our office! And the move to our new location on Constitution Drive in November 2014. Having such a beautiful, amazing, and inviting place to work all these years makes us the envy of anyone who comes to our offices.”
—Lori Britton

“Parties, holidays, and celebrations of all kinds: Jeff and Sue have such a passion for hosting company events for our team (and families). So much care and thought and attention to all the big and small details always show how important the BMDG team is to them. Spectacular Christmas parties at Joseph Decuis Farm, super-fun Halloween parties, bowling, wedding and baby showers—all fun events big and small, like Soup and Salad Thursdays, Wine Downs, Beer Fests, Pi Day, and even the kitchen drawer we keep stocked with chocolate.”
—Lori Britton

“My first Halloween at Britton opened my eyes to the competitive creativity that’s inherent in our culture. I didn’t know how big of a deal it was until I first experienced it. Since that first realization, I’ve tried to match the creativity and fun that the team brings, but from the Napoleon Dynamite crew to the Dia de los Muertos makeup to the wicked witch(es), Walter White, the owner doppelgangers, and more, the team never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and costume-making. It’s always a lot of fun to participate and carry on the tradition.”
—Nic Hulting, VP Strategy

“We love our partners at Pyrex, and we channeled that enthusiasm into an awesome party for Pi Day full of sweet and savory pies baked in their best-selling pie dishes. On that rather filling day (see what I did there?), I discovered a life-changing peanut butter pie recipe that I still make all these years later, and I got to try my hand at a decorative lattice crust (with middling results).”
—Michelle Ochoa, Copywriter/Editor

It’s difficult to sum up what the past 15 years have meant to us, but there’s no denying that we’ve had a wild and wonderful time along the way. Whether you’re a current client, a former colleague, or a total stranger, we want to thank you for supporting and celebrating with us, we’re here if you want to partner with our talented team, and if you’d like to know where to find us around mid-March, we’ll be wherever the party is.

Here’s to another 15 years and many more memories to come!


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