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Digital Marketing Tools for Marketers

A deep dive into digital tools for the modern marketer, by phase; prospecting, planning, audience targeting, brainstorming, creative process, content aggregation, creation, and distribution, social media management, and more.

How Pink Stole 2017

Exploring the Many Meanings of the Color Pink Throughout History and What It Means to Modern Consumers I was walking down the aisle (at Target) when it caught my eye—that perfect shade of pink somewhere between salmon and bubble gum. It threw me off because it came in the form of an obnoxious, fluffy, heart-shaped […]

A Look at 5 Brands That Take Social Responsibility to Heart

Companies with a Conscience What do moisture-wicking socks, hipster eyeglasses, Chunky Monkey ice cream, loaves of honey wheat, and a kingdom full of animals have in common? I’m glad you asked. They’re all associated with companies that are helping make a difference in the world. In ways large and small, and by utilizing social-consciousness models […]

Rebranding Color

For the Color Marketing Group’s 2016 International Summit, Britton Marketing & Design Group Created a Bold New Brand Mark to Carry the Leading Color-Forecasting Organization into the Future When members of the Color Marketing Group arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this past November, for the 2016 International Summit, something looked different. Founded in 1962, the […]

Apparel by Algorithm

Online Services Turn the Art of Clothes Shopping into a Data-Driven Science On a recent visit to Walt Disney World, I took a spin on the Carousel of Progress, where, through the wonder of Audio-Animatronics, the past gradually segued into the present as quaint family vignettes transported me through 100 years of invention and innovation. […]