Marketing to Women

Women know how to stick together. We congregate, help each other out, talk. Women know the brands that get them and those that don’t, the products that work and the ones that fall short. The days of interruptive advertising are over for lifestyle brands—companies now have to connect.

At BMDG, we get it. Success with women means speaking one-on-one. It means starting a conversation. We know women are wary of campaigns, the military metaphor for a march toward a corporate goal. Our favorite brands don’t tell us what to do. They show us options and give us ideas. Women want only what’s best for themselves and their families. They want a better world, a better life.

By no means a niche demographic, women represent an economic powerhouse. It is women who make more than 85 percent of the consumer purchases in the United States. Yet nationwide only 11 percent of creative directors are women. At BMDG, we have four female creative directors on our team, uniquely positioning us to reach and inspire this important demographic.