Branding Has a Branding Problem

We’ll Skip Quickly Over the Irony of this Statement and Address the Topic

The meaning of the word branding varies widely, and every month it seems there is a new book on the subject. The reason is that branding is not just one big subject; it is an entire collection of big subjects. As a result, brand work almost always requires a team of specialists. And every specialist comes with his or her own point of view and nomenclature. It is tempting to recall the parable of the blindfolded men, each attempting to describe an elephant from various points of view. Everyone describes the beast from his individual and expert perspective.

Each participant may be right in part, but seldom will the total description be coherent, let alone comprehensive. And so, before serious brand work can commence, consensus must be reached. Once the team agrees on the work to be done, the entire organization must integrate so they can all pull in the same direction. BMDG’s Brand Helix™ program is designed to meet these challenges .