The Britton Digital Update—Week of February 6, 2017

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The 2017 Super Bowl came and went, and what a game it was. Last week we observed that the reason companies are willing to spend $5 million on a 30-second ad is for the attention. This is still unparalleled when it comes to traditional media reach. (Although one could argue that $5 million can go pretty far on social media.) So who received what they paid for in attention? Brands like 84 Lumber and Budweiser were certainly topics of conversation. Alfa Romeo definitely gained brand awareness in the US market. What else were viewers talking about? Netflix’s Stranger Things, for one. Marketing-technology brand Amobee reported that there were 307,000 tweets during the game about the ad for the series, which was more than for any other commercial.

Another topic was Lady Gaga, star of the halftime show. There were several moments, including her free fall and mic drop, that spurred conversation on social media. And we can’t forget about the Intel drones that were also part of the halftime performance. Three hundred drones were flown in coordination to form the US flag, as well as logos for Intel and Pepsi. It was pretty cool. It’s a technology that Disney is working to incorporate into its theme parks’ light-parade events. One interesting note: Due to airspace restrictions during the game, that part was prerecorded. One thing is for sure, the brands that received the biggest benefit were a part of the broadcast and a part of second-screen conversation. Oh, and being a halftime performer has some benefits, too—Lady Gaga’s music downloads were up 960 percent after the game, compared to before. Yep, it’s about the attention.

Now that we have your attention, check out the latest rumblings in the world of digital media, marketing, technology, and more!

Abercrombie & Tech

After recent declining sales and legal issues, Abercrombie & Fitch is making an attempt to turn things around with a new store concept that embraces technology and experience—two things millennials love. If you’ve ever walked past an A&F mall location, you recognized it immediately. There was so much fragrance sprayed to scent the stores it was sometimes hard to take. Abercrombie is cutting back on features like this, and replacing them with online-order-pickup areas, shops within the shop (featuring fragrances and seasonal offerings), and innovative fitting rooms. The fitting rooms have space for two (so you can share the experience with a friend) and ”thoughtful amenities that heighten the customer’s mood, including separate controls for light and music, as well as a phone-charging dock,“ Abercrombie said in a press release. The first concept store opens this month in Columbus, Ohio.

Slack It to Ya

How many times has a coworker asked to borrow a few bucks for lunch only to have them take days to pay you back, if ever? Workplace-messaging app Slack found a pretty cool solution. Slack now features integration with PayPal to send payments from one user to another. So now if one of your coworkers wants to pick up Starbucks on the way to work and asks if anyone else wants anything, you can send them payment before they even get to the office. CNET notes that your network’s administrator needs to approve adding the app to your system, plus members must log in to their PayPal accounts. It should be noted that you can currently send payments through other messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, but this approach would use the app currently employed in many workplaces—and possibly increase the likelihood that you’ll get your money back.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest built a visual search engine, and it could mean big bucks for brands. Pinterest this week launched Lens, an app that uses a visual search engine to scan for objects or ideas in your camera’s view (or similar ones) on Pinterest. Advertising Age has dubbed it the “Shazam for products.” Your friend is wearing a new red sweater, and you want to find one like it. Use Lens to search Pinterest for sweaters that match or look similar. Brands should salivate at this because it brings customers one step closer to sale (and because the search shows some intent). For brands, it means getting inventory on the social network (which they should be doing anyway) to make it searchable. Companies should also consider new Pinterest search ads to be sure their brand is front and center when a user searches for a product they offer. This has huge potential, and it may be a perfect fit for frequent-search Pinterest users and the brands that want to reach them.

A Twitter-Abuse Answer … Finally

Days after Twitter promised to take a new approach to handling harassment, it has detailed some actions coming soon. The social network is using filters to review comments and filter out what it views as less relevant replies and abusive comments. While Twitter won’t delete these comments, it will bundle them into a group at the bottom of your tweet. These replies will still be viewable by tapping on a button. Twitter has received significant criticism for not getting abuse under control. When abusive users (often called Twitter trolls) are banned, they often sign up for a new account and continue their disruptive behavior. Twitter claims it will be taking additional steps to ensure that abusers are unable to rejoin, although few specifics are public. We’ll see if this is the beginning of a turnaround for Twitter when it comes to user experience.

For the rest of the news this past week, here’s a compilation of the best news stories that we don’t have time to expound upon but that you should probably take notice of:

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