A Quiz About All Things Britton Marketing & Design Group

Amaze Your Friends with Your Knowledge!

Who doesn’t love a quiz? If we didn’t love quizzes, it’s possible that BuzzFeed wouldn’t exist. After all, can we really make it through the day without knowing which Friends character we should date? Or without knowing our ability to distinguish beans and legumes? Of course we can’t. Nor should we, darn it! It’s the 21st century. The digital age. We have all knowledge at our fingertips. Which is exactly why you need to know more about Britton Marketing & Design Group and our work.

Sure, we assist brands in a variety of ways—including strategy, design, content creation, video, and social—but how do we do it? Who is doing it? What makes BMDG tick? For the answers to these and other questions, take the following quiz. You may discover something about yourself, but you will definitely find out something about us. (And by the way, BuzzFeed has nothing on BMDG—unless you count the number of visitors to its site, which is more than 490 million a day; that’s just a smidge more than we get.)


So how did you do on the quiz? I know, I know. You didn’t find out if Ross or Rachel would have been your better Friends date, but you did learn a lot about BMDG. To learn more, check out our website. Or check us out on Facebook. Or LinkedIn. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. As you can see, we are all over this social media thing.

Chip Compton

Chip Compton

Chip Compton has written on a variety of marketing and design topics and personalities, including Stefan Sagmeister, female creative directors, and luxury brands. His work has appeared on “Get with the Confusion,” Medium, and Pop Matters.

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