Nic Large

Niclas Hulting

Always tweeting about Medium or blogging about Twitter

My name is Niclas, Nick, Nico, or Nic, depending on what type of relationship we have. I enjoy writing about social media and content strategy.

Semi-retired football player (not that kind of football, the kicking kind). Closet fantasy nerd (not that kind of fantasy, the silly kind). I despise anything pumpkin.

I once pretended to be Sean Connery’s grandson just to impress a girl. I was unsuccessful. I once thought I’d never marry or have kids. Now I’m 10 years happily married, with two kids and one on the way. I know nothing.

Oh, yeah. I was born and raised in Sweden, the land of the Vikings, meatballs, blondes, and the Muppet Chef—and oddly enough, gender equality.

I love writing, but I always get carried away. I’m always tweeting about Medium or blogging about Twitter.