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Meghan Britton-Gross

If she could do only one thing in her free time, it would be to read books to her girls

Meghan Britton-Gross is Britton Marketing & Design Group’s VP of online brand buzz. One of the first four employees of BMDG, she started out in product development work and now leads BMDG’s branding, content marketing, and digital media disciplines, with a little “product dev” on the side. Three out of three family members said she majored in communication in college, if that tells you anything. (They were all wrong. It was marketing and graphic design.)

Though Meg has lived in northern Indiana the majority of her life, her native Michigan will forever be her home state. She loves to travel, having lived in Wales for a year, and knows a few phrases in Cantonese, thanks to many product development trips overseas.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt; daughters, Georgia and Violet; and cats, Olive and Mary Cupcake Cookie. If she could do only one thing in her free time, it would be to read books to her girls. If she could do two things, it would be to read to her girls and get more sleep (remember the two girls?).

You can often catch her at BMDG, sitting (or standing) in her office working; listening to music; and looking out one of the many windows, hunting down the next great idea, with a Starbucks by her side.