Marcia Large

Marcia Kirlin

There’s a good chance you’ll find copy editor Marcia Kirlin with her nose in a book, preferably one with paper pages you turn the old-school way

Marcia has lived (and read books) in no fewer than 12 states, but has called Indiana home for the longest stretch—16 years and counting. Here’s the lineup, including a few repeats: Nebraska (2), Colorado (2), New Jersey, Idaho, Montana, Iowa, Alabama, California, Virginia, Ohio (2), Utah, and Indiana.

It’s no surprise that travel is high on her list of favorites, except when she gets stranded in Chicago and is forced to spend the night at Hotel O’Hare. (Don’t ask. Just know that it was most unpleasant and featured cots, grumpy travelers, and pretty lousy sleep.) San Diego and Boston are prime destinations. Can you guess where her grown children live?

There’s no shiny red Porsche or glitzy high-tech gadget for this girl—her midlife obsession finds her lacing up her Nikes and hitting the road. She ran a half marathon a few years ago, and before she knew it, she was hooked. Now her time-consuming but highly rewarding regimen finds her logging a few dozen miles a week and shelling out way more than any rational person should on shoes, gear, and destination races. While she claims it’s not about the bling, you’ll find a wall in a back room of her house where all the race hardware resides. OK, maybe it’s partly about the bling.

Marcia has a degree in journalism and has been a reporter for newspapers in Idaho, Montana, and Iowa, and has edited a newsletter or two in her day. She’s rather fond of words.