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Chip Compton

When the Netflix queue reached 500, he knew he had a problem

Chip Compton, a former editor at Vim & Vigor magazine, is honored to be a part of the talented writing crew at Britton Marketing & Design Group. His work has appeared on his own blog, Get with the Confusion (where he once wrote a blog about coloring his wife’s hair), Medium, and Pop Matters. He’s also written hundreds of words while playing Hangman with his son. For the Britton Blog, Compton has written on a variety of marketing and design topics and personalities, including Stefan Sagmeister (“When Boredom Is a Good Thing”), female creative directors (“Take a Seat, Don Draper”), and luxury brands (“What Makes a Luxury Brand?”).

A voracious consumer of pop culture, Compton is on a lifelong quest to cram as many books (especially those written by Philip Roth and John Irving), movies, and television shows into his head as possible. He is passionate about U2, the Indiana Pacers, and IndyCar racing. He is not passionate about ampersands or coconut.

Compton lives with his wife, Theresa, and their son, Oliver, in a farmhouse in Connecticut. Wait, that’s how his novelist’s dust-jacket bio would read. They actually reside in northeast Indiana. Brrr.