Our Digital, Social Media, and Content-Marketing Philosophy

Our Reason for Being

Many of you might know who we are. Some of you might know of us. A few might never have heard of us. Even if you know who we are, you might not know what we do. Well, we do a lot of things.

Here is our manifesto for 2017. It is a glimpse into our brains, our processes, and our strategic thinking. This is what we are, who we are, our beliefs and philosophy and core values. If these values coincide with yours (and your brands’), send us a note and we’ll see if there’s an opportunity to partner in 2017.

This is our Jerry Maguire moment. Who’s coming with us?!

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why

Britton Marketing & Design Group is an integrated agency. This means that we expect a level of excellence from ourselves that helps our clients meet the demands that they face.

We take an omnichannel approach to marketing. The term omnichannel sounds like it means “to focus on everything”—it does.

We start at the center of a brand and explore how that brand might behave in various and appropriate platforms. This includes traditional print collateral and the online and digital multiverse of content and media. Multiverse? Every consumer lives in their own chosen world. Authentic brands create their own kind of gravity. Consumers fall into orbit around the brands that attract them.


Gravity—there are many ways to attract attention and create traffic, both physical foot traffic and digital impressions. Authentic brands are interesting brands. People like what they see and read and feel. They stick around and explore. One without the other is only half enough.

Advertising agencies want to sell media—push a button and get more eyeballs. Digital agencies want to give you impressions. In both cases, spend more and traffic will increase. But stop spending and it goes away. What’s missing? Fans of a true brand do not expect to be sold. They want to engage. To have a conversation. To see what you’re doing. Share what they’re doing. The old way is to conduct a campaign, but having a conversation is how real brands engage with their customers. Just like we’re doing right now.

The Foundation

Content Cartography is our content-strategy framework. It allows us to optimize and be efficient around the processes for content aggregation, planning, creation, curation, and distribution.

Content Cartography

We absolutely believe there’s a science to content creation and content marketing. We believe that function drives people to the content and that form makes them come back. Function and form are interrelated and must be prioritized equally—and optimized for efficiency—in order to maximize reach and awareness. That’s what Content Cartography is all about. It’s about playing by the rules of the search engines—and algorithms—that determine if your content will be seen to its full potential, while creating structured, purposeful, and hyperengaging branded content.

In relation to paid media, we wholly subscribe to the notion that if you create structured, purposeful, and hyperengaging original content with the intent of building and increasing brand authority (while targeting SEO ranking factors), and then selectively supercharge your hero and content pieces/variations using a carefully crafted paid-media distribution strategy, you will maximize not only your spend but also your reach.

In digital and social, don’t rent. Buy.

The same way buying a house builds equity vs. renting, investing in owned digital properties and content builds equity vs. paid digital media. It’s not that we are against paid digital media, but a dollar spent to create good quality content that people want to engage with will return much more than a dollar spent to try to force their attention.

We understand the higher returns from digital content done right. We have developed processes to deeply understand consumers’ wants and needs, so we can create digital content that they want and will seek out. This inverts the normal “small creative spend and large media spend” paradigm.

Whether we’re talking SEM; programmatic, dynamic display ads; social media ads; mobile; apps; content-distribution and amplification networks; sponsored content; or VR/AR, we focus on ensuring that our content is crafted in chunks, is modular, and is ready to be distributed using best practices and native features, and with the intent of creating a great UX.

Our Content Philosophy

We love telling stories, and the stories we tell go far beyond the billboard, the retail store, or the photo shoot. They go right into your customers’ homes, following them to the gym, the coffee shop, the office, and back home again.

Brand Atlas

They’re stories that resonate with each person they target, permeating social interactions and activities.

Our stories compose engaging, purposeful, and creative content that intersects with real life. It’s content that brings joy, inspiration, knowledge, and thoughtfulness, content that does what you need it to do and that is custom-tailored for individual users.

We’ve done the legwork to handle SEO and bots. We know the space and the platforms—all of them. And we’ve tested and measured, and we are constantly analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Each user experience—each interface—is different because our stories are optimized and strategized to reach individuals in the best way possible.

Our Content Promise

We promise to always keep your content brandcentric and to strategically guide your voice with the utmost precision and consistency.

Our Content Guarantee

We promise to lay a deep foundation of organic, original content that will pave the way for a delightful, remarkable, surprising, and optimal user experience.

Content will be found at the right time by the right audience on the right channel, and will feature a message that reflects your goals and objectives.

Our Content Mantra

  • Aggregate and find helpful, interesting, industry-related information
  • Create original, surprising, emotional stories
  • Curate and share on the right channel at the correct frequency at the right time
  • Evaluate, measure, assess, adapt
  • Adjust, repurpose, reshare, reengage

Our Capabilities

  • Branding—brand DNA, voice and identity, brand strategy, competitive positioning, brand development, market segmentation, and consumer intelligence and targeting
  • Brand-centered content creation—photography, audio, video, digital, social, and print
  • Collateral—print and digital
  • Copywriting, proofing, editing, and functional
  • Social media strategy, management, listening, and monitoring
  • Community management, online-reputation management, and the new PR
  • Content strategy and content marketing (all channels and content types)
  • Video-content creation, including microvideo and live-streaming production
  • Paid-media strategy (digital, social, traditional, and content distribution)
  • Seasonal drive-period planning
  • Integrated omnichannel and multiplatform planning and marketing
  • UI/UX design; information architecture; and website development, strategy, and planning
  • SEO and local-SEO strategies (VergentRetail™)

Do you think there might be some synergy with our thought process and what your brand is trying to achieve in the digital space? If so, send us an email. Tweet us. Call us! Or better yet, come visit us.

Photos/graphics: BMDG

Niclas Hulting

Niclas Hulting

Director of online content strategy who enjoys the strategic part and feels content about the other. Loves to read fantasy and industry books. Writes about social media and content strategy most of the time.

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