Design Feature: A Parody of Dr. Seuss’s ABC

We Created a Parody Version of Dr. Seuss’s ABC for the Advertising Industry

We’ve always been known for our design and creative at Britton Marketing & Design Group. It’s our primary focus and what has driven us for 10-plus years in the creative industry, helping us win numerous awards and introducing us to an inventory of amazingly wonderful clients. We call ourselves a bunch of unrepentant perfectionists. This gets us in trouble sometimes. But it’s who we are. We can’t help ourselves.

We have regular Design Features on our blog. Everything from logo redesigns to wallpapers and desktop designs to inspirational quotes and more. The more is not to be taken lightly, because sometimes we do more, and the more resonates with our fans.


The team did what they always do: demonstrated their unrepentant perfection.


One example of this happened last year in a Design Feature that we wrote, illustrated, and concepted from start to finish. It was an homage to and a parody of the famous children’s book Goodnight Moon. We called it Goodnight Marketers, and it sure seemed to resonate.

This piece is the epitome of who we are because it merged our creative copy with gorgeous design and illustration, and, with the use of our digital prowess, we shared it with the right people at the right time. We were featured by Adweek. We won awards. We delighted clients, fans, and industry peers.

So now we’re here again.

Mo’ Parodies, Mo’ Wonder

Meet The ABCs of Advertising, a Dr. Seuss parody (of a book that I’ve personally read to my children about a bazillion times). We ran it through our creative-copy thingamajigger, and copywriter Amanda Luedeke did her wonderful thing with words. We sent it through our doodad, and graphic designer Cody Walz made something good even better.

The cadence was hard to match, the industry words were difficult to pick, the illustrations were hard to relate to the copy, but the team did what they always do: demonstrated their unrepentant perfection.

We hope you enjoy it. We had a blast putting it together.

Horizontal Page Ruler


Horizontal Page Ruler

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Copy: Amanda Luedeke

Artwork/illustration: Cody Walz

Niclas Hulting

Niclas Hulting

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