George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on Social Media?!

A Look at How Some US Presidents Would Have Used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

At Britton Marketing & Design Group, we pride ourselves on our digital solutions. We are always peering into the future. For instance, if you want an idea of what is new (or will be new) in the world of all things tech, just take a look at the Digital Update. (And none of this knowledge or expertise should come as a surprise. I mean, have you seen The Observatory? It looks like a spaceship, for crying out loud!) Something that falls under the digital realm is social media. Yes, the denizens of The Observatory know quite a bit about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to name just a few social media channels.

Ideas are something else The Observatory specializes in. The place is teeming with them. I was fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of one of them when Dave Goode, digital strategist/analyst, thought it would be a good idea to imagine how certain US presidents in the past would have used social media. I appreciate that Dave shared his idea, and I know full well that he would have knocked the ball out of the park had he written this blog (just take a look at his analysis in regard to social media and the current presidential race). But, lucky for me, Dave must have had some metrics to analyze or some digital to strategize (I don’t mean to make light, but I am a mere copy editor, and I know not of the ways of the digital world—I enjoy saying “the Twitter,” just for the fun of it).

I must add that I wouldn’t have been able to write this (well, I could have written it, but it would have looked awful) without the assistance of some of the immensely talented designers we have on staff here. They are Molly Stronczek, art director; Danielle Hartmann, senior digital graphic designer; Andrea Atwood, art director; and Cody Walz, graphic designer. They rule (and they know their kerning from their tracking; I can never keep those two straight).

So, armed with Dave’s idea and a smidge of political knowledge, I am going to sally forth into the world of humor (hopefully). Watch out, McSweeney’s.

Twitter Discussion About John Kennedy and Richard Nixon’s Televised Presidential Debate (1960)

Twitter Conversation with Richard Nixon

President George Washington’s LinkedIn Page (1789)

LinkedIn Profile for George Washington

Facebook Page for Abraham Lincoln (1865)

Facebook Page for Abraham Lincoln

Instagram for Ronald Reagan (1985)

Instagram Profile for Ronald Reagan

Instagram post for The Gipper Ronald Reagan and Sylvester Stallone

Instagram post for The Gipper Ronald Reagan as a Teenager

Instagram post for The Gipper Ronald Reagan

Graphics: BMDG design whizzes Molly Stronczek, Danielle Hartmann, Cody Walz, and Andrea Atwood. 


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Chip Compton

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