Design Feature: September Desktop Calendars

Designer Danielle Hartmann Brings Us Her Fifth Design Feature: September Desktop Calendars

Each month, we’ve given you a little glimpse into the varied design talent we have here at Britton Marketing & Design Group. The month of September is another offering from senior digital designer Danielle Hartmann. Perhaps it’s her proximity to my desk (we sit in The Observatory together), but without a doubt, Danielle has created more design features than any other designer. In fact, Danielle created our very first design feature with an illustrated quote by Chuck Palahniuk, and she didn’t stop there. Her other features were of Lego logos, Britton-branded beverage labels (including a boxed wine), and desktop calendars for the month of May.

Widescreen September Calendar Orange

With so much content, I thought you should get to know this designer just a little bit more. Danielle started with us during her college. Since then she’s gone from “intern Danielle” to “senior digital designer Danielle,” and we can’t imagine it any other way. In an effort to let you meet the designer behind the ... um ... designs, I sent her some questions to get a look at what fuels her creativity.

Q: What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

Danielle: Frosted flakes with frozen blueberries. Soooooo delicious.

Q: What was your favorite movie as a kid? As an adult?

Danielle: Aladdin and Good Will Hunting.

Q: What is your favorite happy place?

Danielle: Anywhere outside—the lake, trails, biking, etc.

Q: What do you do to break a creative block?

Danielle: If I have time, rest my mind and work on it the next day, or go for a run and resume. Anything to shift my focus on something else temporarily.

Q: What is your favorite part of sitting in The Observatory (if you have one)?

Danielle: I actually don’t like sitting here. ;) Kidding. I love collaborating and brainstorming as a team. We have various positions, from development to strategy to creative. I value everyone’s opinion and insights. Plus, we work well as a team.

Q: Why do you love being a graphic designer?

Danielle: I love being a graphic designer for an agency. Working for multiple clients on various projects allows me to be creative and not limited. It isn’t just being creative, either. You’re strategizing, prioritizing, problem solving, designing, communicating, and collaborating to make one piece of content effectively communicate the right message. It challenges me every day, which is what I love.

Q: What do you like designing for digital vs. traditional print?

Danielle: They’re both so different. I like designing for digital because it’s more fast-paced. Plus, it makes you think differently. I suppose it’s blending your left- and right-brain thinking. It has to be functional and beautiful, so user experience is key. Plus, there are so many animations and effects you can do similar to print treatments.

Widescreen September Calendar

Now that you know Danielle a little better, check out her designs for September. They capture the changing of seasons in a subtle way, while staying away from the “changing seasons” cliché. On a side note, I think it’s going to be really fun to step back in December and look at what captured each month’s color and emotion. Thanks for sticking with us. We have only a few months left!

Widescreen September Calendar Leaves

To use our desktops, choose your screen size below: standard screen size (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (1680 x 1050). Then just right-click and choose “Save.” “A la peanut-butter sandwiches,” your calendar is set for viewing!

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars!

Here are our previous calendar designs.

Graphics: BMDG

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