Design Feature: November Desktop Calendars

This Month’s Desktop Calendars Are a Repurposed Kaleidoscope of Instagram Awesomeness

I want you to think back to January. (Man, that seems like way more than nine months ago.) When we began our yearlong challenge of creating a desktop calendar a month, we started with colors as a direction for design. January’s color was white, and since then we’ve covered red, green, blue, neon, pastels, and black, as well as a few more. December will be interesting because the “color” is metallic. I can’t wait to see what Andrea Atwood, art director, comes up with.

November widescreen Calendar

One of the things I love the most about our team and their take on design, in any application, is how they explore the uniqueness in what seems pretty standard on the surface. The color for November is brown. At first, brown seems drab and expected since it’s the primary color in any Thanksgiving décor. True to form, though, Danielle Hartmann, senior digital graphic designer, took it and made it more than “brown.”

If you haven’t looked at the Britton Marketing & Design Group Instagram account ever, or in a while, you should check it out. We share peeks of our office, props from photo shoots, locations of photo shoots, and general bits of inspiration we find in our regular work. This is where Danielle found her inspiration for this desktop-calendar installation.

November Standard Calendar - Circle

“I really enjoy experimenting and repurposing.” Danielle said. “It’s almost a challenge to find the perfect balance. Often I’ll peruse our Britton Instagram photos and see how I can build on their already existing charm. This is where the fun begins, playing with hue levels, reflections, and various effects. It’s amazing to see the same photo in a new light or a new brown. Wooden elements, fall leaves, deep hues—they all reflect the November-themed brown. Each evokes a different personality and emotion that fits brown well since it’s a color composed of three primary colors.”

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, Danielle has created more Design Features than any other designer on our team. This year, she’s really been exploring reflection and symmetry. “I find myself intrigued with reflections—the symmetrical balance of shapes and colors that often create beautiful, bold patterns,” she explained. “Whether it’s a kaleidoscope effect or simply mirroring an image, the result is something new and fresh. It’s taking an already beautiful image and giving it a new meaning.” Danielle’s past desktop calendars with this same theme are September and May. Check them out!

November widescreen Calendar - flower

October will come to a close with Halloween, as always, and in will rush November with a swirl of leaves. If your life is anything like ours, we often forget to reflect on the awesome (or even good) things that have happened. The negative always rises above the good, and we let that take the forefront. Let the year end on a positive, thankful note. In the stereotypical theme of November, remember to take time, breathe, and give thanks.

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars!

Here are our previous calendar designs.

Graphics: BMDG

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