Design Feature: May Desktop Calendars

We Get a Little Deep with These Kaleidoscopesque Calendars

I love the month of May. Aside from being the month of my (and my younger daughter’s) birth, it is a month that is pretty much guaranteed to be free of snow and ice, and full of nice breezes and thunderstorms (who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?!).

This month’s desktop designs come to us from digital designer Danielle Hartmann. The only real direction given in the design brief was the word pastels. Danielle frequently contributes to our digital-design efforts, and you can find her work on our Lego logos and Britton-branded beverage packaging Design Feature blogs. She’s also at the helm of the Design Week Fort Wayne Instagram, and she sits in The Observatory with us—so she’s pretty much a rock star.

“There are essentially two kinds of designers—those that know how to inspire and those that are inspired by others.”

When I asked Danielle what inspired her May designs, she said, “While researching one day, I came across a quote that resonated with me: ‘There are essentially two kinds of designers—those that know how to inspire and those that are inspired by others.’ I contemplated if that statement is synonymous with the question, Are you left-brain- or right-brain-dominant? It made me wonder if a person could actually be both. Is it actually possible?”

Featured Yellow Paint calendar

“There are essentially two kinds of designers—those that know how to inspire and those that are inspired by others.” I love that quote. Is it true? Can designers inspire and be inspired? Is it the consumer in us that is inspired by others? And I love Danielle’s thoughts on the matter. Can we be right- and left-brained? How are the ones who are inspiring inspired? What is the meaning of life? Wow. That went downhill pretty fast. Where were we? Oh, yes—the lovely month of May and Danielle’s lovely designs.

Calendar 2 for May- pastels

"Given the parameters of using May and pastels, I explored designs that inspired me as well as, optimistically, designs that I thought would inspire others. I pulled Britton’s Instagram photos that focused on striking, detailed shots with arrays of pastel colors,” Danielle said, “I wanted to repeat it in an intriguing way that created a new pattern or image while maintaining a clean presence—a wallpaper that aims to inspire you creatively and possibly even logically. Who knows if a wallpaper design can do both, but I hope you enjoy the designs and peruse through our other wonderful Design Features.”

Calendar 3 for May- pastels

And now we have our desktops. I love how the designs make it seem as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope. The colors exist in real life, so they aren’t fake like so many pastel things are (I’m looking at you, Peeps!). We truly hope that you enjoy these desktop calendars and that they inspire you to inspire someone else.

Choose your desktop screen size: standard screen size (version 1—yellowish paint)(version 2—diamond), (version 3—blue kaleidoscope) (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (version 1—yellowish paint)(version 2—diamond), (version 3—blue kaleidoscope) (1680 x 1050). Then just right-click and choose “Save.” Presto, changeo, your calendar is set for viewing!

Here are our previous calendar designs.

Photos/graphics: BMDG

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