Design Feature: June Desktop Calendars

Clean, Simple, and Ethereal Desktop Calendars

It’s nearly June, which means we are six months into our year of desktop calendars. (Take that, doubters who said it couldn’t be done!) I still have Danielle Hartmann’s calendar gracing my computer, and I’m not releasing that space until there is a worthy successor. Oh, wait! That is why we are here!

“Summertime for me always equals visiting the ocean.”

This edition comes from one of our creative directors, Catherine Wood. Here’s a little-known fact about Catherine: She used to live on a houseboat. That’s right. A bona fide houseboat, people. All of the envy right here. So it wasn’t a huge surprise that Catherine took her inspiration from water for our June calendars. “Summertime for me always equals visiting the ocean. I try to do that at least once each year, since I live in a landlocked state—my touchstone.“

1600 by 1200 June desktop calendar - widescreen

As a Michigan-born girl, I can relate to Catherine’s sentiment. I may not love to be in the water, but I do love to be near it. Give me a space near some water and I can listen to the waves or feel the breeze for hours. Recently I wrote a blog about print versus digital and the haptic reaction that occurs when your fingers touch the paper. When I saw Catherine’s designs, I felt that draw to the water.

1600 by 1200 June desktop calendar - standard

When I asked Catherine for her inspiration, she said, ”My main driver was to create something clean, simple, and ethereal.“ I think she succeeded. I wish there were a way to embed a soundtrack into a desktop. Luckily, we have a Spotify playlist for that!

Choose your desktop screen size: standard screen size (version 1—hello summer)(version 2—water bubbles), (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (version 1—hello summer)(version 2—water bubbles), (1680 x 1050). Then just right-click and choose “Save.” Presto, changeo, your calendar is set for viewing!

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Graphics: BMDG

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