Design Feature: July Desktop Calendars

Vintage French Wallpapers Reimagined as Desktop Calendars

We (Britton Marketing & Design Group) may have a “problem.” A few, really. The first is that we are fervent creators. The second is that we are passionate consumers of beautiful things.

Widescreen version 2 July calendar

Traditionally, every May, Sue Britton, chief creative officer and co-owner, and I have visited the National Stationery Show in NYC. Since we are creators of paper and gift items, it was always a great time to get inspired and work alongside other stationery enthusiasts. At the same time, there is a companion show called Surtex that a variety of vendors specializing in original artwork and pattern design come to in hopes of licensing or selling its properties. There are always a few great vendors that have archival work that they’ve found and are selling. These may include old wallpapers and sketches, vintage fabrics, and original illustrations.

We are passionate consumers of beautiful things.

For this month’s design feature, Sabra Garner, vice president of creative design, tapped into some of those vintage finds: French wallpapers. So back to our two problems. As Sabra was looking through the collection of finds from Surtex (problem No. 2) she couldn’t help herself and designed six desktops for you (problem No. 1). Each one is based on a different print. While some have gridlines and notes, others have creases and design notes, but they are all beautiful in their own right.

Widescreen version 3 July calendar

My favorite one has color bars used in testing and numbering the colors being used. I remember going to the National Gallery in London just after graduating from college. In a gallery there was a cartoon created by Leonardo da Vinci called The Burlington House Cartoon. It’s a rough sketch and you can see rough marks he hadn’t yet erased. I love these little peeks into history. I say all of this to help prompt us to stop and think about the creation of these works as well as other things we may be taking for granted.

Widescreen version 1 July calendar

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars!

Just right-click and choose “Save.” Presto, changeo, your calendar is set for viewing!

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Graphics: BMDG

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