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In an office not so far away, Britton Marketing & Design Group designs stationery products, ranging from notecards and pens to calendars and paperweights. While brainstorming some Design Features to add to the blog, Nic Hulting, social media and content strategist, came up with a great idea: Draw upon this stationery experience and create a desktop calendar each month. Challenge accepted! Each month we will post the next month’s calendar — ready for placing — as your desktop image for quick reference and a daily resting spot for your eyes.

The design briefs given to our designers were pretty minimal. They had the typical “use these dates and holidays” direction, along with fun holidays, if the designers wanted to incorporate them. The dates could be in any format they wanted, which meant they didn’t have to be a grid. The one guiding light was an assigned color. They could use other colors, but the predominate color needed to be the assigned hue.

Throughout the year, you’ll see a number of our talented design team present their calendar offerings. Art director Bridget Forte created the first entry in our series. Bridget has been with BMDG for the majority of our nearly 10-year existence, as she started in our second year. She was on my team of stationery designers and has a soft spot for packaging design.

Janury Desktop Calendar

Bridget’s color, white, was maybe one of the hardest. She said, “White was disconcerting at first because I love working with color! But ultimately I enjoyed the challenge of incorporating white into my concept — I think it resulted in a more effective illustration.” To some, white is a noncolor. To others, it is the best color that ever existed. We work with clients in the paint industry, and the number of white shades we’ve seen would certainly prove to the noncolor camp that white is, in fact, a color.

Right now in Indiana it is mid-December. In a normal world, it would be cold and hopefully a little snowy. This year it is not a normal world. I wore sandals yesterday — and even today, as I write this. Sandals. In December. Yesterday it was 67 degrees. Sixty-seven in December is not normal for Indiana. As a result, Bridget’s whimsical illustration makes me smile, because this is how a December sunset should look. While Bridget has brought in other colors, the snow in the air and white on the trees give off a very “white” vibe.

Choose your desktop screen size: standard screen size (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (1680 x 1050). Then just right-click and choose “Save.” Voilà!

Graphic/calendar: BMDG

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