Design Feature: February Desktop Calendars

Our Second Calendar Is Here to Break Up the Dull Winter

Regular readers of our blog will remember that we are kicking off a whole year of Design Features displaying desktop calendars. Last month, art director Bridget Forte gave us our introduction. This month, newbie Cody Walz shows us his chops. Quick recap: Each month, one of Britton Marketing & Design Group’s finest will give us a design to feast our eyes on. The designers are given a color challenge that their design needs to center on. Other than that, they are just told to “Go crazy, have fun, and, oh, try to stay Britton-branded.”

Cody has been with BMDG a few months now and came to us as a recent-ish grad of an art school we have a great relationship with (name withheld so you don’t discover the font of our talent). (Insert evil laugh here.)

“‘Hold fast for spring,’ I guess, is a really simple way to word it.”

If I were to ask you a color you think of when I say “February,” chances are it’s in the red family. I wanted to see what our team would do with this color, yet not make it feel kitschy. I wanted to reclaim the color of red for what it is: deep, rich, and bold. Cody was the lucky soul who was given this challenge. Coral, russet, rose, blush, rust, brick, and copper are just some of the shades of red that he incorporated into his design.

“My inspiration really stemmed from one thing—my absolute disdain for post-Christmas winter. ‘Hold fast for spring,’ I guess, is a really simple way to word it,” Cody said. As I write this, it’s a steamy 17 degrees with a wind chill that feels like 4 degrees. A few weeks ago, when we were singing “White Christmas,” it was in the 60s. Thanks, El Niño!

Widescreen size desktop calendar

What I love about Cody’s design is how he incorporated the organic (flower) with the inorganic (triangles), as well as the red shades and grays. It oscillates between deep colors and frosted hues, which is pretty typical for this time of year.

“My initial thoughts about my color choice,” Cody said, “were ‘Winter is white. White and red—easy enough.’ Wait, how do I use that palette and make it neither Christmassy nor kitschy since Valentine’s Day is this month.”

We hope you enjoy Cody’s first Design Feature on the Britton Blog. I’m sure it will be the first of many.

Choose your desktop screen size: standard screen size (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (1680 x 1050). Then just right-click and choose “Save.” Voilà!

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Graphic/calendar: BMDG

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