Design Feature: December Desktop Calendars

Silver and Gold—and Pink and Black and Pineapples!

I’m not sure where you are, but here in Indiana the weather outside right now is less than desirable. It’s a rainy day in November that just begs for a cup of something warm, a book, and a fireplace. As I write this, it is the day before Thanksgiving and I’m starting to think about breaking out the Christmas decorations.

So Long - December standard calendar version

Each month this year, we’ve presented a calendar perfect for a variety of computer desktops. This is our last installment, and it features a variety of metallic shades. December’s desktop designs come from art director Andrea Atwood. Andrea is one of the newest designers to join our team, and she works with our paint clients on a variety of projects, from merchandising displays and print collateral to digital creative. We love having her here and featuring her work on the blog.

I asked Andrea what the inspiration for her designs was, and she said, “I wanted to do a few pieces that felt very fun and whimsical, and because it’s December and everything here is dreary, I wanted each piece to be bright and warm and shining.”

So Long - December standard calendar version

When I chose metallic for our “color” to be featured in the month of December, I wanted to get away from the cliché red and green. When I was a kid (and even today), one of my mom’s favorite Christmas songs was “Silver and Gold.” Especially when Burl Ives sang it.

Metallics have been trending for a while. The trend seems to have started with gold making an appearance again, followed by bronze and rose gold. I asked Andrea what she loved about metallics. “My favorite thing about metallics, gold in particular, is that they seem to emanate their own light. They’re always glowing with this deep, inner warmth that is perfect for lifting spirits during a cold winter month.”

Pineapple - December widescreen calendar version

I couldn’t have said it better myself! What I love about Andrea’s designs is how different each one is. I love the layers in “Sparkle Shimmer Shine,” the pineapples that look like they were dipped into liquid metal, and the almost wood grain in “So Long, 2016.”

As excited as I am to share these desktops, I’m also a little sad. This is our last set. What a fun year seeing the varied designs from our amazing team. We’ll recap the year’s designs next month, and you can let us know what you want to see as a design feature for 2017 as well as which month was your favorite.

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars!

Just right-click and choose “Save.” Voilà, your calendar is downloaded and ready to use!

Here are our previous calendar designs.

Graphics: BMDG

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