Design Feature: August Desktop Calendars

Neon Colors, a Beach, and All the Envy

Editor’s note: Insert your own pithy remark here along the lines of “It’s so hard to believe it’s August already” or “We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving before you know it.” The hardest part of writing blogs is the first sentence. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on.

Standard version August calendar 1

This month’s design feature comes from associate creative director Ringo Starr. I mean Ringo Santiago. If you recall, our previous desktop calendars have generally had a color theme. This month is no exception. Ringo was given neon. ”I’ve noticed a lot of colorful sunsets and sunrises lately,“ he said, ”both in person and in photographs. All had beautiful pastel (and some, slightly more vivid) tones in the sky and clouds. When I was given neon as a theme, I wondered to myself if the fluorescent colors could work in a landscape photo.“

Standard version August calendar 2

Ringo is an avid photographer who has taken some pretty fun shots of his son at track meets. If you remember, he also contributed a photo feature called ”Teeny Tiny“ that played with macro and micro views. He played with the concepts and tried to flip around the viewer’s perspective. He also did this with August’s calendars, and I think they are pretty cool. Here’s Ringo’s rationale:

”I decided to use some sunrise photos from a vacation at Surf City Beach in North Carolina. I chose two images: One contained only the beach and the ocean, and the other included people out for an early morning walk. Cranking up the color and saturation achieved the effect of injecting neon/fluorescent colors into the landscapes, yet somehow retained a still-believable rendition of the scenes I had captured. I liked the hyperreal effect it had created, but I also wanted to explore a more abstract perspective. Flipping the photos created a still-recognizable image, but one that made you look again to understand what was different about it. Beach landscapes—with a twist. I hope you enjoy my take on neon for August.”

I, too, hope you enjoy our August desktops. Stay tuned for September (how can it be September already?!).

Widescreen flipped version August calendar 3

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars!

Just right-click and choose “Save.” Presto, changeo, your calendar is set for viewing!

Here are our previous calendar designs.

Graphics: BMDG

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