Design Feature: April Desktop Calendar

April Showers Bring May Flowers in This Month’s Design Feature (Added Bonus: We Have a Fort Wayne Design Week Desktop!)

In all honesty I don’t know how to start this blog off without sounding like a girl. Tulips, Easter, no coats, (maybe) sandals, and rain showers get me so excited. I am not a summer girl. The perfect temperature for me is a solid 70 degrees with sun and a light breeze. Put me in Florida in July and you may as well wear earplugs because this girl is going to complain—incessantly.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk April. There is something so fresh about the month of April. There are two times of the year when the air feels fresh, cool, and inspiring: autumn and spring. February and March are shaking their arms free of the ice and snow that just won’t quit (You know, like this awesome ’90s throwback commercial). April may bring rain, but in place of more dead grass and messy slush, we get green lawns, leaves on the trees, and blooming flowers. There I go sounding like a girl again.

Standard size desktop calendar - April

This month’s Design Feature was created by last month’s artist, graphic designer Alyssa Alaimo. We have two sweet designs (as in aww, not awesome, although they are awesome). Alyssa’s color was yellow, but I said she could embrace the season and everything associated with April since this was our first spring desktop. In addition to the two rain-shower desktops, we have a Design Week Fort Wayne–specific desktop. If you aren’t aware of this event, let me enlighten you.

April Calendar - Standard version 2

Design Week Fort Wayne is a beyond-awesome initiative created to embrace Fort Wayne’s local design community while offering opportunities for professional development. This event will be brought to northeast Indiana with support from its major sponsors: Fort Wayne–based Wunderkammer Company, Vera Bradley, and Britton Marketing & Design Group. A press release issued by Wunderkammer Company included these comments:

“Design Week Fort Wayne is the direct result of our Creative Census research project produced in 2015 with the support of the Knight Foundation, which found that over 30 percent of northeast Indiana’s creative economy is within the design fields, producing over $100 million per year in economic impact,” said Dan Swartz, executive director of Wunderkammer Company. “Design Week Fort Wayne will bring local, national, and international design experts, hands-on workshops, studio and factory tours, portfolio reviews, and quality networking events developed specifically to build this important segment of the local economy.”

“The amount of talent in northeast Indiana is remarkable,” said Sue Britton, chief creative officer and co-owner of Britton Marketing & Design Group. “The Midwest has long been considered a flyover zone concerning leading-edge design. It’s our hope that in supporting Design Week Fort Wayne we can help shine a light on this world-class creative region. By building connections and creative networks that strengthen the arts and design culture, Fort Wayne can be that place where creative people want to move (and stay) and enjoy being part of this thriving, affordable, healthy community.”

You can read the full press release here. We are so excited to see the week’s events unfold. If you want to follow the ongoing developments, be inspired, and find information on attending events, you can visit the Design Week Fort Wayne site. Facebook is also a good place to go for more information. The week will be filled with workshops, tours of local design spaces, portfolio reviews, and networking events. The workshops will feature local, national, and international design experts. You wouldn’t believe who the international experts are if I told you—so I won’t.

April Calendar Design Week - Standard version

So April is the start of many new things. Here are three new things you can use on your own computer.

Choose your desktop screen size: standard screen size (version 1—colorful raindrops), (version 2—cloud and raindrops) (1600 x 1200) or widescreen (version 1—colorful raindrops)(version 2—cloud and raindrops) (1680 x 1050) or the Design Week version (standard, widescreen).

Then just right-click and choose “Save.” Presto chango! Your calendar is set for viewing! Here are our previous calendar designs.

Photos/graphics: BMDG

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