Designing Our Own Britton-Branded Periodic Table

Design Feature: Marketing “Science”

The periodic table of elements has 118 elements. There are metals, nonmetals, gases, halogens and something called lanthanides and actinides. That got us thinking that there are a lot of elements to marketing, so we took a pretty unscientific approach to coming up with a periodic table of marketing, as it pertains to Britton Marketing & Design Group.

Britton Periodic Table

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Jeff Britton, president and co-owner (along with Sue Britton), is a bit of a science nut and did caution us to keep explosive things in different columns, as they are in the real periodic table. We thought about it but then decided to throw caution to the wind. After all, isn’t marketing supposed to mix things up anyway? Here’s the breakdown of our 10 groups and 118 elements.

Britton Defined

Our first group comprises the elements that make up Britton Marketing: creative, authentic, strategic, versatile, curious, responsive, and dreamers. Of course, we are many more things, but these are key to the work we do for our clients.

Fearless Leaders

It takes a certain kind of chutzpah to start a marketing and design firm. Jeff (Jf) and Sue (Su) have been reduced to elements, and there are two characteristics for each of them. We won’t tell you which elements go with whom. That’s up to you to decide.

Clients, Sweet Clients

Every agency has its sweet spot when it comes to the kind of work it does. You wouldn’t choose an automobile agency to work with, say, cosmetics. The synergy isn’t there. That’s kind of like oil and water. You get my point. We focus on lifestyle brands — brands with a story. So lifestyle brands (Lf) leads this group of elements.

What Do You Do?

The center of the official periodic table of elements is the transition metals. We thought this was a great place to put our services. They take both sides of our table and bridge the clients with the types of work that we do. There are also two subgroups tucked in here. We chose to showcase our specialties here — our design/production and writing teams. This is certainly not complete, but it is the bulk of what we do.

All Content, All the Time

Content marketing is getting a lot of buzz these days, and while it’s easy to disregard it as the latest fad, don’t be too quick to ignore it. What is happening is that all the disconnecting we are doing is causing people to crave connections. Real connections. People are viewing brands differently, and brands need to respond in real, honest ways. Even American Express has begun a significant initiative into content marketing. This group of elements is made up of the social channels that we are active in the most.

We Start with a Blog

The hub of any content marketing should start with a blog. We created this group based on the different topics we cover on our blog. Hypergraphia (Hy) is the last element and is the name for our blog. Jeff loves this word; it is “a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write.”

Wrapping It Up

The last two groups in our table of elements might appear to be afterthoughts, but they really aren’t. The first group is our various departments. We wouldn’t succeed without any of them. social (#so) and video (Vi) are key to brand success in the future, and we have them right in the palm of our hand. The final group is the programs we use to create our work. As much as most of us hate to admit it, Microsoft Office is actually pretty integral to our daily workflow. Darn meeting requests.

Well, that sums up the Britton Periodic Table of Marketing. What would your element be? I could have one created for just about everyone here at Britton Marketing. My element? I believe that “Meg” works pretty well.

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