Design Feature: Social Media Demographic Infographic

Infographics With Social Media Demographics And User Statistics 

Our design hero, Katie Briner, created infographics jam-packed with up-to-date demographical user information. It was a fun and highly informative project, and now we want to share it with you. Of course, Britton has a presence on all of these networks, so if you want to join, follow, and/or connect, just click on the graphic. Enjoy!

 Note: The numbers and percentages are based on the number of Internet users who also use that
specific network.



Niclas Hulting
Inbound Channel Manager

Illustrations: BMDG

Niclas Hulting

Niclas Hulting

Director of online content strategy who enjoys the strategic part and feels content about the other. Loves to read fantasy and industry books. Writes about social media and content strategy most of the time.

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