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We Created Several Desktop Calendars Each Month in 2016. Let’s Recap the Awesomeness and See What’s Up for 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a year. What kind of year is really up to you. Here at Britton Marketing & Design Group, it was a pretty colorful year. Since we began our blog, in 2014, we have always added dashes of inspiration, beginning with our first Design Feature, on Aug. 18, 2014. Since then we’ve created 28 design features, ranging from Dr. Seuss–style logos and Lego logos to Britton-branded packaging, a periodic table, and two book parodies. We don’t take this work lightly, which is why 2016 brought what everyone says is our best blog accomplishment to date: a monthly desktop calendar.*

*Nobody has actually said this, by the way.

As the year progressed, our team brought it. Each month, we showcased an average of three desktops that were totally different from each other. Our creative brief for the year outlined a color for each month that was to be the focal point. Other colors could be incorporated, but the main color had to be included. Let’s look at the work that the team created.

Spring design features

Top, left–right: January by Bridget Forte and February by Cody Walz. Bottom, left–right: March and April by Alyssa Alaimo.

Summer design features

Top, left–right: May by Danielle Hartmann and June by Catherine Wood. Bottom, left–right: July by Sabra Garner and August by Ringo Santiago.

Fall design features

Top, left–right: September by Danielle Hartmann and October by Amy Reff. Bottom, left–right: November by Danielle Hartmann and December by Andrea Atwood.

If you look at the 12 main images above (which, make no mistake, were among a variety of designs created each month), you see a wide variety of colors, themes, talents, and mediums. Our design team used illustration, photography, and vintage wallpaper, and gave new life to Instagram posts.

What’s in (Design) Store for 2017? 

So how can we top this past year? Oh, let me tell you. This year there most likely won’t be a calendar involved. Instead, we’ve opened it up a bit to the team. There were two requirements: a desktop or two and a 3-D element. So far, we have designers working on paper-quilling logos, stationery that can be downloaded and printed, photography, and deconstructing everyday items. Are you ready? Here’s a hint at what’s coming up next month.

Sneak peek. Paper play.

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While we get ready for this new work, have no fear. Next week we have an amazing blog by Marcia Kirlin, entitled “5 Qualities of Exceptional Marketers.” When I read Marcia’s blog, I really felt like the qualities she described were great reminders for everyone. I asked Danielle to create a few desktops to support the blog. She’s created desktops not only for your desktop and laptop but also for your phone and tablet.

Courage desktop wallpaper

While Marcia’s blog features five qualities, Danielle took two of them and gave them an identity of their own, creating three desktops. While you’ll have to wait to read about all the qualities, we’re giving you a sneak peek with Danielle’s designs right now.

Danielle shared this about her inspiration: “I paired courage and willingness with Renaissance and Baroque elements because they somewhat go hand in hand. The Renaissance was about rebirth and reemergence, and Baroque style was about energy and spirit. To be courageous means to be a difference maker, a learner, and a risk taker.”

Create magic desktop wallpaper

“‘Create Magic’ was inspired by the quote ‘The way to create magic is by combining the experience and perspective of traditional brand builders with the energy and innovation of digital natives.’” Danielle explained. “I thought that was incredibly relevant within our company, as well as the marketing industry.”

Courage and magic desktop wallpaper

When I saw the two designs, I asked if she could combine them into one. I wasn’t clear enough in my directions—I meant combine all five qualities in one desktop—but when I got her designs I thought they were perfect. It was a natural statement: “Courage and willingness create magic.” I’m sure when you see the full list of qualities paired with these, it will create magic. Especially when you add them all together.

Enjoy our bonus desktops!

Just right-click and choose “Save.” Voilà, your desktop is downloaded and ready to use!

Here is our 2016 inventory of calendar designs.

Photos/graphics/embeds: BMDG

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