Design Feature: Desktop Backgrounds

Clear the Clutter on Your Computer’s Desktop with These Gorgeous Designs

We stare at some form of a screen an average of 12 hours a day. If you work in an office, at least eight of those hours are on a computer, tablet and/or smartphone. Never mind all of the time after work hours. That’s why this design feature is so much fun: desktop backgrounds (wallpapers).

My desktop is a little bit of a hot mess right now. I’m a little fussy about how much is on my desktop. I have documents to be filed, screenshots to delete, shortcuts to the server, and on and on. My desktop image had better be pretty simple … it’s not. I have a photo of my two darling girls. Though they are fun to look at, they are kids, so of course, they are surrounded by toys. And their clothes, while adorable, are patterned and really busy. That’s why these desktops (see below), created by Britton designer Molly Stronczek, are perfect.

We stare at some form of a screen an average of 12 hours a day.

Molly is a huge fan of all things pretty, like Rifle PaperKate Spade and Lauren Conrad’s Instagram. She is usually the eyes behind our Instagram account and has worked on some of our biggest designs being debuted by clients this year. (Big in terms of both the size of client and the dimensions of work. This will make sense in a few weeks.)

Just as I do, Molly wants something simple for her desktop. “I wanted to come up with a few designs that were simple, pretty and inspirational. Simple because, let’s face it, our desktops are generally hectic enough. Pretty because it makes me just that much happier every time I see it. Inspirational because I like to have little words of wisdom sprinkled throughout my life, whether it’s to encourage me or simply remind me to appreciate what is important.”

These designs are 1680 x 1050 — perfect for your desktop. Please download and share (click image to access full version). We just want to make the desktop a pretty place to rest your eyes.

Van Gogh Quote
Be Brave
Love What You Do
Love What You Do

Meghan Britton-Gross
Director of Marketing Services

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Graphics: BMDG

Meghan Britton-Gross

Meghan Britton-Gross

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