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Design Feature: Britton-Branded Beverage Packaging

If there is one stereotype of ad agencies that is somewhat true for us at Britton Marketing, it is the one in regard to beer and, well, other beverages. While we certainly aren’t like Don Draper or his ilk, there have been times when we have had to remove beer from the fridge so we could make room for our lunches. To be fair, it was a small fridge and we were about to have some sort of celebration (Friday around 4:30 p.m. is totally cause to celebrate, right?).

When we put our heads together, wondering what our next Design Feature should be, this idea was tossed out: We have reinterpreted other brands, but what about our own brand? What would Britton-branded products look like?

We decided to create Britton-branded wine, Scotch, soda, vodka, ale, cider and boxed wine!

We gave the challenge to our brilliant graphic designer Danielle Hartmann, and she developed designs for different beverages. She was a natural for this project, as she has done a number of Design Features for us and actually kicked off the whole Design Feature series.

Danielle explained to me how she chose her designs: “I based the designs on you, Sue [Britton, our chief creative officer] and Jeff [Britton, president and co-owner]. I chose Gewürztraminer wine for Sue because it is anything but standard. This type of wine is for people who creatively think outside the box and are willing to take risks. It’s interesting that it’s paired with spicy food, which is distinctive, just like Jeff. The beer label is based off of Old Speckled Hen (Jeff’s favorite) and is an English ale. Ales are generally robust and complex, yet distinct and pleasantly bitter. People who drink this typically have a more assertive personality. Grape soda was not only your favorite growing up as a child, but it is also associated with fun-loving individuals. It is simple, elegant and gluten-free.”

Britton Spirits - wine

Britton Spirits - Ale

Britton Spirits - soda

Britton Spirits - vodka

Britton Spirits - scotch

Britton Spirits - cider

Britton Spirits - box wine

Once we saw Danielle’s first three concepts for the wine, beer and soda (or pop), we just had to take it further and asked her to class it up with vodka, scotch, hard cider and … boxed wine? We figured if we could make boxed wine look classy we could do anything.

Now we’re off to set up a brewery, distillery, vineyard and factory.           

Photos: BMDG

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