Design Feature: Chuck Palahniuk Quote

New Blog Feature!

A blog is great for showing our writing prowess and interests, but what about design? Because we have such an amazing design team here, we thought we’d begin a monthly design feature. We have a lot of really fun things planned. Some will be quotes, others reinventions of common things using uncommon tools (Legos, anyone?).

Our first installment comes from graphic designer Danielle Hartmann. She kinda knocked it out of the park. She actually hand lettered this quote by author Chuck Palahniuk, created a die cut, and accented it gold with Liquid Leaf paint on the bottom layer. Then she took the photo. The bar has been set. Game on!

Chuck Palahniuk Quote

Danielle Hartmann’s illustrated Chuck Palahniuk quote

Meghan Britton-Gross
Managing Editor

Photo: BMDG

Meghan Britton-Gross

Meghan Britton-Gross

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