7 Reasons Britton Marketing & Design Group Is a Great Place to Work

We Could Have Picked More Than 7, by the Way

Cool. Excellent. Groovy. Fantastic. Tremendous. Marvelous. Super-duper. While you may think that Roget is writing this blog, you should know that it does not require a lexicographer to put together a list of adjectives to describe what it’s like to work at Britton Marketing & Design Group. I happen to work at BMDG, and I found the task to be simple, elementary, uncomplicated, effortless (sorry, I couldn’t resist some more thesaurus-related humor).

OK, so we have established that BMDG is a great place to work. But why? What makes it so great? Well, I could write the traditional blog, what with its introduction, body, and conclusion, to explain it to you, but what fun would that be? And anyway, you want the information quickly, in an easily understood format, yes? Plus, you may be reading this on your phone (and I don’t blame you, really, because it is more interesting than anything you can find on Netflix).

So, without further ado (why does no one ever want any more ado?), I present to you seven reasons why BMDG is a great place to work.

1. Food

Don’t the majority of great things in life begin with food? I’m not saying that food is the No. 1 reason BMDG a great place to work. I just happen to really love food (and happen to be a bit hungry right now), so I chose to lead off with one of my strengths.

Soup day is the bedrock of all things gastronomy at BMDG. Soup day occurs on the Thursdays between September and April. Four employees bring in their slow-cooker concoctions, which are complemented by a healthy salad bar, and the feasting and fellowship begin. From chili to macaroni and cheese, from chicken adobo to pulled pork, from a taco bar to a potato bar, we see—and enjoy—it all. And did you see that I mentioned fellowship? It’s a great time to catch up with a fellow Brittonian with whom you may not interact on a regular basis. Personally, I like to sit down with a production artist and act like I have some knowledge of their craft. “Hey, did you check the gutter?” “Do you think the trapping is OK?”

2. The Dog Days of BMDG

No, this has nothing to do with the excellent Florence & the Machine song (honestly, is it the coolest use of the harp you have ever encountered?). To what I am referring is when we get canine visitors in the office. This is the year Brittonians began bringing their four-legged friends in to spend the day. As this Inc. story explained, stress is reduced in the workplace when Fido comes in.

I’m no expert on cortisol, but I do know that everyone at BMDG loves it when Oscar, looking all professorial with his dachshund dignity, comes to visit. We are delighted when Jeter, sporting his New York Yankees tag, whimpers for attention during our traffic meeting. And we laugh when Henry, Tumnus, Olive, and all the others are up to their tricks. We thank all the doggies for reducing our stress and giving us plenty of reasons to smile.

3. Ambience

At BMDG, our campus has four tastefully appointed buildings. We have room to spread out. We have standing desks, if we want them. We have plenty of places to meet, whether formally or for a short stand-up chat. We have two kitchens and one kitchenette that are fully stocked with coffee and snacks (yes, the food again). We have plenty of parking.

What more could we want? Hardly anything. Oh, maybe a monorail between buildings for the cold winter months.

4. Camaraderie

Frank Burns once said, “It’s nice to be nice to the nice.” Redundancy aside, Major Burns had a point, and at BMDG this sentiment takes the form of the excellent crew we have. We take our lead from Sue Britton, chief creative officer and co-owner, who encourages us to have grace. In a creative environment, grace is very important.

There are many steps as a piece, be it print or digital, winds its way along the creative process, from concept to finished product. These steps involve ideas, opinions, discussions, and meetings. And what we as a team know along this journey is that we need to be flexible, to take time to listen to and pay heed to others’ input. The fact that it is different from our input does not mean that it is wrong, and this is where grace comes in. We all have the interest of our clients at heart, and this is what ultimately binds us together. We show grace to one another to create the best end product possible. And it’s this atmosphere that makes BMDG such an excellent place to work.

5. Technology

I often joke around the office that I am hoarding typewriter ribbons. You know this computer thing is a fad, right? Well, short of Apple and Microsoft succumbing to Smith Corona, I don’t think my longing for the carriage return is realistic. So what do you have to offer, technology?

At BMDG, it’s a bevy of sleek MacBook Pros, tricked out with all the latest InDesign and Photoshop doodads. It’s Slack, a messaging system that makes traditional email hang its head in shame. It’s GatherContent, a content-management system that allows for the versioning and archiving of documents. It’s ProofHQ, an online proofing tool that keeps edits, comments, and versions all in one place. All of these programs are in the interest of making our tasks as easy and smooth as possible, which leads to increased productivity, which, in the end, serves our clients.

6. Parties

According to Jack Torrance, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The same concept applies to Brittonians. That’s why we occasionally take time to recharge our batteries with a small soiree. For instance, Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. Here’s a photo of Paige Strong, senior account/project manager, in her prize-winning Prince costume. As you can see, we take the costumes pretty seriously.

The Friday before the Super Bowl, each building’s denizens bring in a variety of tailgate treats. We don our jerseys, have some nachos, and discuss the greatest Super Bowl plays ever. I’m just kidding about that last part. There’s too much food to sample to waste time talking about football.

And during the holiday season, we have an ugly-sweater contest and we exchange Secret Santa gifts. Then we have the big reveal to we learn who our Secret Santas are (it’s a gathering enhanced by milk and cookies). There is nothing like the holidays celebrated Britton-style.

7. Variety

On any given day, I may work on a blog, a presentation, a social media post, and a catalog. I am always shifting gears and tuning in to the needs of the various projects.

While working on these, I will have the input of many different talented and intelligent coworkers, including designers, writers, copy editors, production artists, account managers, and one traffic manager. Why did I mention their talent and intelligence? Because every day we challenge each other with our knowledge and opinions, and this variety in the way we see and interpret things helps us to create the best product possible for our clients.

I hope that you found this post interesting, intriguing, compelling, and engaging. I also hope that it made you believe (if you didn’t already) that there really are great places to work. A workplace environment doesn’t have to be mundane. After all, full-time workers spend at least a third of their day at their places of employment, so it goes without saying that the atmosphere should be as pleasant as possible. We Brittonians are fortunate that our management team recognizes this. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to start chopping onions for my chili recipe.

Chip Compton

Chip Compton

Chip Compton has written on a variety of marketing and design topics and personalities, including Stefan Sagmeister, female creative directors, and luxury brands. His work has appeared on “Get with the Confusion,” Medium, and Pop Matters.

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