Britton Marketing & Design Group Celebrates Expansion with Ribbon-cutting

The Observatory Will Serve as Industry-Leading Command Center for Innovative Digital Content Creation and Social Media Marketing

Watch the press-release video footage.

Fort Wayne, Indiana (March 10, 2016)—Officials from the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership joined Britton Marketing & Design Group on Thursday to celebrate the launch of The Observatory, the agency’s new digital content creation studio.

An innovative first for Fort Wayne and the northeast Indiana region, the new studio marks further expansion for the Fort Wayne–based agency into the rapidly developing digital sector. From The Observatory, BMDG will be able to serve its growing roster of national and international clients with brand-centered content creation, digital media architecture, content strategy, social media management, paid media, and omnichannel planning.

“Having a world-class content creation studio is a necessity in order to attract and retain world-class talent, and now we have that right here in our city.”

“As it becomes easier and easier for customers to block or bypass traditional advertising on cable, satellite, and the Web, it becomes more and more important to devise branded content and native messaging that customers won’t want to miss,” Jeff Britton, president and co-owner, Britton Marketing & Design Group, said. “We believe we are all moving into a post-advertising world. Authentic, meaningful content is the heir apparent. That’s where The Observatory comes in. It is a robust environment where Britton’s digital innovators can originate and collaborate on appealing branded content and compelling channel-specific advertising.”

The opening of The Observatory also has regional significance in terms of job creation, recruitment, and talent retention within the thriving creative economy here in northeast Indiana.

“This initiative is already responsible for nearly $4 million in new business,” Britton said. “It looks like we will need to add ten positions immediately, and if plans continue to unfold the way we think they will, we’ll need between twenty and forty new people by sometime in 2017.”

Resembling a more relaxed version of NASA’s Mission Control Center, The Observatory space is designed to foster creativity and provide creators with real-time information about the digital impact of their work. The Observatory can also accommodate classes and presentations, such as the 12-part Content Exploration Sessions, which explore all aspects of content creation and content marketing and began last month. BMDG’s social media and content strategist, Nic Hulting, is leading most of the sessions.

“Having a world-class content creation studio is a necessity in order to attract and retain world-class talent, and now we have that right here in our city,” said Hulting, who also teaches marketing and digital content creation at Trine University. “It’s all very exciting—for us and for Fort Wayne.”

In other news for the city, BMDG recently signed on with sponsor Vera Bradley and creator Wunderkammer Company to host Fort Wayne’s first Design Week, to be held April 18–22.

Fort Wayne, Indiana–based Britton Marketing & Design Group specializes in brand-centered content creation, helping lifestyle brands forge deeper connections with consumers. Founded in 2006, the agency works across a wide range of disciplines—including strategy, branding, direct marketing, retail design, digital, video, and social—with a belief that the best way to illuminate meaningful brands is with great strategy overlaid with inspiring brand-centered content.