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Revered for its attention to quality and its relationship with the design community, Pratt & Lambert asked BMDG to develop a platform from which it could further strengthen its position as the brand that delivers premium, ultranuanced color. Captivated by the opportunity not only to elevate Pratt & Lambert but also to separate it from other luxury brands, BMDG created Color Narrative, a groundbreaking capsule palette of 480 colors supported by five hue-based color collections. This project required special care in making sure every detail was just right. We partnered with an esteemed natural-light photographer and a celebrated home designer to create a feel that would resonate with and inspire our target of design professionals. Color Narrative served as the centerpiece of an in-store experience unlike any other and, more importantly, has served as a catalyst for a brand-defining campaign.

work defined

  • library of images for collateral, marketing, public relations, and more
  • development, concepting, and naming of Color Narrative brand and collateral
  • Pratt & Lambert 4-foot Color Narrative merchandising system
  • Color Narrative inspirational color-card series (five cards)
  • color-chip template
  • Accolade color card
  • full-spectrum fan deck


Pratt & Lambert was thrilled with our deliverables and our launching of the Color Narrative experience in Do it Best stores in 2016 and online in 2017.

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Design in Color

To further extend Pratt & Lambert’s elevated brand, BMDG was tapped to bring that brand to architecture and interior design professionals in two major US markets: New York City and Los Angeles. The first step of this project was to create a sophisticated online magazine to house original content for both metros. We interviewed influential creatives and showcased shops, products, and events of interest to craft beautiful and engaging features published twice a week. These digital magazines, Design in Color NYC and Design in Color L.A., were supported by a robust and diverse portfolio of social media channels for distributing content, building an audience, and engaging with fans. In less than six months, BMDG garnered over 1.3 million social media impressions and nearly 130,000 page views on the site for both metros combined.

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