Arhaus Feature


Brand storytelling is all about bringing together the products of a company and the aspirations of its consumers to create a meaningful relationship. This matchmaking is at the heart of BMDG’s work with the national furniture retailer Arhaus. When we set out to design, shoot, and produce a brand-new catalog experience for Arhaus, we wanted to do more than showcase its pieces—we wanted to inspire with captivating photography and a brand narrative that highlighted the specialness of the Arhaus commitment to traveling the word over for well-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces one simply can’t find anywhere else. Our catalog work with Arhaus has grown into seasonal campaign development, in addition to in-store, email, and ecommerce creative assets. Recently, we had the opportunity to produce a regional TV spot for Arhaus, which features our new tagline for the company: Arhaus. Your Home.

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